Magic Acoustic Guitars

Magic acoustic Guitars is the instrumental symbiosis of a rhythmic flamenco guitar, lightning-fast solo lines and soulful ballads. Founded in 2006, Roland Palatzky and Matthias Waßer have been traveling all over the world ever since. They love and live their music and want to share this passion with their audience.

Velvet Soul Street

Velvet Soul Street: Soulful and soft like velvet. With the rough energy of the road. They have been friends for ages and what could be nicer than making the music everyone loves with these soul mates!

With Jake Voth on vocals, Tobias Tersigni on keyboards / bass, Stefan Kümmerle on drums, Matthias Waßer can develop here on the electric guitar.


The swinging dinner band for your event: SwingToGo! This walking act spreads a good mood! The acoustic trio plays bouncing offbeats, melting ballads and weird jazz chords. 

You are technically completely self-sufficient and move freely through the premises. The musicians on saxophone, vocals, double bass and guitar are the smiling icing on the cake for your event: we bring the swing for you – SwingToGo!


Matthias Waßer