Hi, I'm Matthias!

My name is Matthias Waßer! I am a guitar player, teacher,
 producer and overall music enthusiast from Germany.

I try to
 inspire people from all over the world with handmade acoustic and electric guitar music on my YouTube channel  
and at live concerts.

"Most creative and experimental guitarist on YouTube!”

Want to know more about my videos? Click the picture to watch my YouTube channel!


Looking for a guitar teacher? Need help to get your YouTube channel started? Have a look at my classes. I’ll be glad to help you!


I’m playing around 150 shows a year. See upcoming dates to find out about my next live gigs. Looking forward to see you there!

Showcase your gear

You have precious guitars or amps and want to sell them? Let me create a video to point out all the unique features of your instrument and help you sell it on eBay or YouTube.


You are a collector and want to have a showcase video with your favourite instrument? Contact me

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